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Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You? is a story about a reincarnated exorcist-cum-cultivator who has been tasked with defending a world with no exorcists. He is also given a system to help accomplish this task. A very interesting premise. It's a cultivation story with a focus on exorcism and fighting various underworld monsters. However, the execution left much to be desired. Writing quality is very poor. There are countless amounts of mistakes, and this is borderline MTL quality. This novel desperately needs an editor. However, I'll give it two stars since it's somewhat readable. (2/5 stars) Story development. The issue with this novel is closely tied into the character design as well. While I said this story focuses on exorcism, the execution may lead you to believe otherwise. This novel actually focuses on face slapping as many people as possible. None of these important people talk to each other, apparently, so the main character can go around and face slap each one of them individually. Usually this stops at some point, but it's chapter 248 and the novel still hasn't stopped with its face slapping plot. At first it was bearable, but it got so repetitive I had to drop the novel. (2/5 stars) The character design is very poor as well. Everything wrong with your typical Xianxia novel is amplified in this novel. There are strictly two types of characters in this novel. Those who hate the main character, and those who treat him as God himself. Usually, those who hate the main character will end up revering him after a few slaps to the face. The characters overall have zero personality, and the main character is emotionless. The only character with a actual personality is the system, and it's rather annoying at times. (2/5 stars) The world background is actually pretty good compared to the rest. The way they describe the world(s) in a timely manner as well as various monsters and their habits makes me wish they worked on the plot and character design a bit more. (4/5 stars) Overall, a novel with a great premise, but horrible execution. The characters as well as the plot are very bad, and not much effort was put into either. The only redeeming factor is the world background, which is actually pretty good. I give this novel 2.8 stars out of 5.


Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?


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You’re Right there is too much face slapping🤦‍♀️