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Truly the more I read on the more author seem hell bent on Nerfing Saiyen at 4000PL which is enough to blender the earth into a cluster astroids. With him forget to train the weakest appendage, namely the tail to be resilient incase of blunt attack or others. Such that a peak human fighter could incapacitated him into mulling kitten. Talk about being a pussy. And then he gets trash by a golem, after all that nonsense of him sealing strength and skill for survival. If you are so hell bent on being on forefront of some canon actions than bloody announce yourself to media. And plus, the horrendous amount of misinformations and blant disregards of facts. You might as well circumcise the MC and announce him as a eunuch, why don't you? -Right now at Ch.11, will see if this review needs to change or not after some further reading.


Just Saiyan (DBZ/DC)


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