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Overall I would recommend this but there are moments where you have to grit your teeth to get through the story, usually it’s because the plot is so forced. For example (minor one) when he was making his first body, he could have waited and gathered energy, instead he rushed it and spent most of his energy and had to struggle in a school. Another is around ch. 365, the system tells him there is a certain thing that shouldn’t exist in this world and asks him to destroy it (first time the system is asking for something), btw that thing is physically right in front of him with no enemies in the room, but no he begins to talk to a random underling. What is the consequence of this action ? Glad you asked, the big bad uses it to revive himself, after which he kills the elders of a beast realm that were the MC’s acquaintances, around 25 cities are basically purged, AND MC’S BEST FRIEND DIES. And before the MC goes after the big bad he destroys the crystal anyway (after it was used). Another dumb thing, he is saving energy for a couple of millennia to buy some upgrades (abilities, talent, new body…), but he wants to buy it all at once (red flag but I said okay and moved on). One of those upgrades was permanent teleportation, which would remove the cost of him teleporting (which he does all the time), it would cost him a couple days worth of energy (which at around ch. 370 is nothing to him), instead he buys a body that he doesn’t use and when he is fighting later, he runs out of points (which is his second biggest nightmare), but it doesn’t make sense, he had at least 1 trillion energy left, but apparently he “runs out of energy during a fight”, these are literally nonsense plot holes that are used to force a certain plot. It seems like the MC doesn’t learn anything after going through a tough situation. What is literally nonsensical is the MC has very little IQ in a fight, like he can fight well, but he gets caught by the weirdest things that you can see coming (especially for him when he is fighting someone one whole major realm below him), like letting someone transform to stronger form or letting them be when they are activating an artifact that almost destroys the world. Another weird thing is the author at certain moments makes the MC have the IQ of a 5-year old child. Example: once he solves a grand mystery by himself that I think most readers didn’t anticipate, but the next time a mystery that you could see from miles away happens, he doesn’t catch on. This is even with upgraded mental capabilities, because he is reincarnated, cultivates qi and body at the same time and has abilities from the system. My point is the plot is forced so much it can easily ruin it for some people. I’m going to continue reading, but if u don’t like it that much you shouldn’t read it. Also what you should know is that these were only the negatives, otherwise the story is really good, system that can do anything for points, decent MC, decent side characters, the morality of immortality and so on. Lastly, I only criticize the book because I love it and want it to get better. Thanks author <3 Overall 3.8/5


Reincarnated as an Energy with a System


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