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If you're reading this I suggest you stop because there is too much bad points in the story. • MC is dumb and not your genius or normal mc type, he doesn't try to think for himself but only ask the system to solve every bit of his problems (like literally for everything, I wont lie just read and be disappointed). • MC chooses a very weak body and unsuitable for cultivation and complains every time when other people make breakthroughs, he complains that his body is to weak and its unfair, and says why can't he have that body that can cultivate fast. Furthermore it worsens because of the fact that he can create a super body that is very op. • MC is not insightful, in just a year he could accumulate hundreds of billions of energy to create a super op body for cultivation that can reach godhood fast but instead he says that he should struggle by himself cause it would be no fun and chooses his very weak body, in the end he spent a few years adapting to qi and increasing his realm in qi condensation, which is very dumb. • This is a novel with a very op system but makes the mc dumb and dependent on everything to make the story longer and give the author money. • Truly bad, you can't be expecting from this, now the novel is already declining with only 3 chapters per week because the readers have long abandoned it 1-100 chapters. If you read this, you'll be infuriated by the dumb logic and long wait for the author to release the chapters. • As I see it this novel will get 2 out of 5 from me.


Reincarnated as an Energy with a System


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Isn't there a energy cap per day which means he isn't able to get "hundreds of billions of energy" in a year. And yes he later can but, if I'm understanding correctly you are at the point where he doesn't have a super OP body which suggests you have read up to chapter 356. Also you obviously want a fast growing character thats OP from the start considering your argument to slowing the novel down somewhat and not making everything fast paced is that "it is very dumb". For your second last point I think you are wrong at this point in time. The three chapters per week has changed to 1-2 chapters per day. As I see it this novel review gets a 2 out of 5 from me.


The reason i abandoned this novel is because the system legit forces the MC to be a good boy or else he gets screwed. He cant have any character development which doesnt make him an upright character. (Unless he tricks people into attacking him and then he kills them)