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This novel is very daft for several reasons lol it’s almost like the Mc is some form of idiotic masochist and I don’t know the whole point of writing the mc to be like a fool to nerf him or introduce face slapping but it’s quite silly giving someone cheats and not letting them even use anything close to its potential if you couldn’t bear to write an Mc like that then don’t give him the necessary cheats just makes him stupid. For example 1. When the Mc is in an inanimate object he can simply tell the system to turn off and awaken his consciousness after a certain period and it’s literally like he just opened and closed his eyes. So why couldn’t he simply stay in one place turn of his consciousness for like 100,000 years and he’ll have more than enough energy to buy everything required to thrive and it’s not like he would be awake or even asleep that long it’ll pass in a literal blink of an eye for him don’t know what he is rushing for but it’s stupid to me a simple cheat he could use to get actually strong but he rather does something silly. 2. Worst of all is why did he start cultivating with the absolute worst potential of body there is? It’s sad mad first you abandon the whole energy concept and go the cultivation route then you make the Mc a retard


Reincarnated as an Energy with a System


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