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warning to any paying readers: don’t do it. this story is fun but if you’re paying, it’s absolutely not worth it at all. pros of the story are few and far between. heavily relies on a gacha system so as a filthy gacha gamer I personally kept on going because of that. the MC is extremely OP, doesn’t really run into any struggles since his system lets him power level from the comfort of his own home. and…that’s about it? the English is legible and could be worse. i guess. watch out for: mediocre writing. definitely reads with English as a second language. tons of grammar problems or random words or phrases that don’t make sense, no sense of show not tell, often sounds like something an elementary school student would write. and here’s why you shouldn’t pay to read this: just off the top of my head I would guess that at least half of the words in this story is just info dumping the main character or the summons’ or equipments’ info screens. like you scroll down the pretty short chapter and some of them are just made of 3 consecutive equipment info screens. what the fk? plus the author likes to copy and paste the entire last 1/5th of the previous chapter to “transition” into the next chapter. so you get maybe 2/5th of a chapter of “new content” and then another info screen to update you on the main character’s stats. absolute nonsense, i was literally zooming through the story from scrolling past those stat screens. read at your own risk.


Epic of Summoner: Supreme Summoner System in the Apocalypse


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