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First off, thanks for the content purple_mage. I've enjoyed reading so far. A few things I'd like to say. Please work on your grammar and spelling. I think you just need to proofread a bit more and it will fix most of the mistakes. In terms of the story itself and moving forward, I think you should really keep in mind: A. pacing B. conflict . Right now the pacing is moving very fast, which is fine, but just be careful because if you do slow it down, it can be jarring for the reader. The only real downside to fast pacing is character development can be kind of neglected in favor of fast plot. In terms of conflict.. I think it's no secret that our MC is OP, and that is intended. Which is just fine. You just have to get creative to write a real conflict for him to face. Remember, not all conflicts have to involve swords and bloodshed and who has the higher cultivation realm. Finally, I REALLY hope you, in future, put some love into character development, especially for the female characters (the harem). Interactions, dialogue, maybe even dedicated chapters from the woman's perspective? A little bit of love can go a long way. I look forward to seeing where you are going to take things!


Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator


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