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Great story, now I am hungry. It's about mc who has always been a professional, perfectionist from the outside but now her lifestyle was getting boring to her. She should have used tinder or something but she made a bet in drunk state☺️. A bet with her friends was recorded by Thomas (friend) and was posted on the internet for people to see. This can affect her professional image in front of the people from her work. In this, her friend Matthew a lawyer who wants to beat Thomas more than clear his image is with her in it. Will these two only beat Thomas in the end? What kind of changes in their friend circle's relationships will take place with this one bet? Let's see it in the novel's journey. Writing Quality - Great, no major mistakes. Grammar is great. Story development - It is interesting we can see the relationships between the characters now and how they were in the past. We also get to know why some characters are behaving the way. In Thomas case, his hate for Matthew is kind of justified in some way. Character design - The character in the story aren't one dimensional they have layers. Mc herself is the example she is a good friend but she does fight back if provoked. She scheming but she has bad drinking habits. (Don't ask me why these two are connected.) World background - It is similar to our world today just one video or tweet from you can destroy your whole career. World description is done very well, it is detailed yet captivating at the same time. Will I recommend this story? Of course. I will be looking forward to the chapter. Just a suggestion don't read the book on an empty stomach. Keep up the great work author. :)


The bet


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Haha... I should warn readers not to read with an empty stomach.