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One of the better stories I've read here, as it's neither the trope of cultivate, get Jade beauty and do face slap nor progression fantasy, litrpg math simulator. Instead, it's a refreshing take on a transmigrated MC who doesn't immediately become overpowered with some system (though there is a system) and becomes an edgelord Jesus It is a protagonist who's slowly coming to terms with his new reality and life as a cat slave, and a noble with a complicated past. The world building is rich and detailed, with enough references to the real world that it's not completely novel. The characters are for the most part well developed and rich in depiction. There are some kinks to be worked out, such as the evil for evil bully prince but they're minor and can be easily addressed in the future. One issue is that the story meanders, lavishing detail on characters to make it seem like they matter, but ultimately are nothing more than the character of the day type. Not an entirely bad thing, but considering the novel format, it's difficult for the reader to keep track of a character who was introduced 40 chapters ago who gets referenced now.


The Healing Crown


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Yeah. I never expected how expansive the cast would be when I first started writing this but have gotten to the point I'm resigned to cutting out a lot in narration to keep to the main storyline. Too much screen time and it would detract from the story of Mattheus Crown himself. (My outline is already pretty long and meandering would make it even longer...) On the other hand, I told my CE I didn't plan on adding side-stories once I finish this but have since changed my mind, haha. Too many unheard stories due to the main story following Mattheus instead of others like Lula, Holmes, or even Brunilda when she's off gallivanting around. Thanks for reviewing!