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Hello, I am here to write my belated shameless review of my own novel. The Healing Crown is a story centered around a guy that has been transmigrated, isekai’d, or whatever you want to call it. His original world was much like ours, with only a slight addition of every human being hosts to a very basic System. Said System was useless in his old world with humanity itself being its host, until our MC finds himself in a world where he is now the sole host of the System… There’s a whole menagerie of characters in this story, all fully developed and complex individuals. No OP Gary-Stu main character and flat caricature villains to face-slap here. MC starts with advantages, of course, but he will have to work for those power upgrades. Character growth for the win! The world and its history, culture, and mysteries are also fleshed out. It’s slowly being revealed as the story progresses but there is a reason for everything. Including the fact the MC being dimensionally kidnapped might not be so random. ;) I’m not even going to say much about the plot, other than the fact everyone can probably find something to interest them. Politics, mystery, horror, humor, et cetera. The only thing The Healing Crown won’t have is a harem (unless the actual harem of certain kings counts). Try it out and make a judgment on my writing ability yourself. But if you like titles such as Plague Doctor, Lord of Mysteries, or Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer, you should definitely give The Healing Crown a read. Daily updates at the moment, which might be increased if the demand is high. Now, back to being buried and entangled in all the subplots of The Healing Crown I go...


The Healing Crown


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It's not a major part since romance tends to take over the plot when it's around but there will be subtle romance in the latter half. A reader can easily ignore it if it's not their cup of tea. There will be a few secondary romances since it impacts narration less though, if you're just asking about romance in general. Mattheus will basically be with us watching people make fools of themselves because of love, haha. FYI, I don't care who readers ship together. Romance will not be a focus for Mattheus so y'all are free to go wild with your imaginations—or not. (Especially since best girl will not appear for a while yet.)

Amish_Scion:is there romance?

is there romance?