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I see, your book is have quite interesting story, but... There is the main problem. You mixed up the author's notes with the chapters in this book and the word count for each chapter is arguably too little. Maybe if you're writing this for fun or just as a hobby, you can do something like that, but if you're doing it for the purpose of earning an income, you shouldn't do that. So.. How to improve your book? First you have to make the outline of your story. What for? Obviously it was used for the development of your story. Example: for chaper 1 you tell about your main character, for chapter 2 you tell about your main character ability, etc. Second, try to write between 800-1000 words if possible. Why? Because that's a good word count, but I've heard rumors that contracted authors have to write at least over 1.5k words a day. Third (last), you can promote your book to your social media or other platforms so you can get more readers. That's all I can tell for now :3 Ah.. Have a nice day btw.

My Grandpa Hercules


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Thanks for your honest review... your tips are very honest and helpful. I would be working on same asap💕