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i dont write reviews at all but im am awe inspired at how the author has somehow managed to encapsulate and grasp my heart and mind with this novel. to date i have never read a system novel that has been so thoroughly fleshed out with the characters feeling like actual human beings caught in a world of turmoil and the main character having to face himself and others to guide them. to put it bluntly theres a system which is quite literally a library and thats it, its not a cheat it doesnt do anything besides from store books hes (mc) has read before. speaking of the mc he kind compassionate and caring while not being ominpotent and has his own shares of troubles and turmoils. then theres the side characters i cannot describe each individually because of the plethra of different personalities that makes and defines them as human, while simultaneously stumbling and learning from mistakes. theres two things that make this novel slightly a slog is the info dumping in the beginning(which the author corrected after it being pointed out) and the enchantment mini arc which was two chapters of an infomercial other than that it was quite an enjoyable read


The Good Teacher


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Thank you for the review! I really appreciate that you took the time to write this, it means a lot to me (as someone looking to improve). I will constantly work towards bettering my writing. Honestly, I'd like to revisit some of my older chapters and completely rewrite them or delete some of them. The only thing stopping me is that Webnovel does not allow you to reorder the chapters unlike Royalroad, scribblehub etc. (i.e. the most recent upload becomes the most recent chapter).