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I've read around 200 chapters at this point to keep giving it another chance but the more I read the more I'm disappointed, this isn't 'God of Trickers', it's 'World of Low Standards'. Theo, the MC, will play dead and his enemies will go "OH MY GOD, WHAT A GENIUS, UNBELIEVABLE, HOW COULD SOMEONE BRILLIANT EVER BE BORN IN THIS WORLD, I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING". MC will do some ridiculously basic strategy a 13 or 14 year old could come up with, probably younger since they play so much games these days and you don't know what they're exposed to but then someone will go "MY GOD, A GENIUS, A GENIUS, HOW COULD HE BE SO BRILLIANT!" MC will reflect after a battle with his teammates and they'll go "MY GOD, HE'S THINKING 100 YEARS AHEAD, REFLECTION!?!!??!? WE CAN DO THAT!???????? OMG, WE CAN THINK ON OUR FAULTS!?!?!?!??!? THEO YOU MADMAN, YOU GENIUS" If we go by DC comics and their "Genius level intellect" for the most intelligent beings then MC has "Low level intellect", he's capable of coming up with thoughts a normal person might have but the world overreacts because the standards are so absurdly low I'm not really keeping a list to go over specifics but by chapter 200 you'll have noticed that the standards for the world are low Also, levels in this novel have no meaning whatsoever, I'm not even sure why they were added I really did try hard to enjoy this novel but I agree with other reviews that there are a lot of glaring issues with this and I don't doubt them that their are plenty of plotholes that will rear their heads if you continue reading There are no tricks here, they literally call anything a trick Dogs could be called tricks for the relevance of the word in this novel


God of Tricksters


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