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God of Tricksters is an action/adventure/mystery series about Theo, who becomes blessed by the God of Mischief. However, these concepts are inconsistent with the early story. Rather than creating mischief or performing tricks, Theo relies heavily on strategy. He specializes in outwitting his opponents and controlling the battlefield. For some reason, characters in this series refer to such strategy as “tricks,” even though this doesn’t make sense in English. Hundreds of chapters later, this improves, and Theo begins to incorporate a little mischief into some of his actions, but it’s still quite low for what I would expect from the follower of the God of Mischief. The actual “tricks” he performs are skills with magic. They are literally called “skills.” In fact, it is more accurate to refer to them as skills or techniques rather than tricks. While Theo definitely tricks and deceives his opponents, he doesn’t necessarily perform “tricks” to do so. This may be a subtlety in the English language where the verb and the noun don’t exactly have the same meaning. Unfortunately, this makes the title of the series rather awkward when put with the rest of it. The emphasis of “tricks” in the narrative doesn’t match the context much of the time either. There are numerous other grammatical and vocabulary issues with the English language, such as “female cowboy” being used rather than “cowgirl,” the confusion between a house and a mansion (a place that is only 2,500 sq ft is way too small to be a mansion), and so on. There are also a lot of gender inconsistencies. An editor who knows English as a first language would help this series substantially. The writing can be confusing at times, partially due to the writing of English itself and partly due to leaving important details out. There area number of things that don’t make sense in the initial setting, and there are plot details and consequences that don't make sense later on. Just because Theo cheated a group out of a fruit, why are the person who initially provoked him and his father being imprisoned for life? If they were cheated, then wouldn't they just sue to get what they're owed? The characters have depth with their own goals and enemies, and their character development makes sense. The unnatural hair colors are a little confusion. Just how many characters have dyed their hair pink or blue in this story? The setting wasn’t established very clearly, so it is very confusing for new readers in the beginning. The MC lives in a poor country where the wealthy and powerful have no concern for the law. People don’t look after the welfare of children, don’t manage bullying, and don’t care if a child is on the side of the road starving to death. Instead of reporting the kid to the authorities to be taken into foster care or juvenile detention, they just beat these dying kids half to death and leave them to rot. It’s quite strange and would have helped substantially if the author explained this in the beginning. That said, the writing improves a lot as it goes. Later in the series, there are interesting action and adventure scenes linking up together at an interesting pace, so I would recommend giving this series a try and being patient with it.


God of Tricksters


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The words I was looking for before are tricks vs trickery. Although this series involves a lot of trickery, it's not really about tricks.