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just a short review for one of my favorite books. I had a couple points where I wasn't sure about the book early on but the author does an amazing job of moving on from these and making an excellent story.when your plot is backed around a weak orphan mc I can see why you are forced to make connections for him early on to get out of that pit which others complain about but it is more realistic and flows better. nobody gets to a better point without some fortunate encounters so what you call forced can just be seen as good fortune that's how I choose to see it. Now my feelings about the MC are simple I like how smart and loyal he is and his morals I can't wait to find out more to see how I feel about the whole rules thing but I don't mind it so far. I am sure it is hard on author as well to write a MC that can't lie. lol. overall the story is amazing and I couldn't ask for more.


God of Tricksters


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