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Book seems decent enough but the more you read the more holes appear in the plot. The author will set a rule for his system - Only the one who kills the monster can touch it and turn it into a card, then the next chapter the MC will turn every monster that he didn’t Kill into a card. Pronouns don’t exist in this book, everyone’s Geneder fluid, she will be he so you just have to keep context in mind while reading. Character development is by far the worst thing about this book. The Author just expects because this is the MC than everything and everyone is weaker and dumber than he is. This female character Is the strongest in the whole school, MC is one of the weakest, Master tells MC put a collar on her Next chapter despite the level and strength gap, he controlls her. Somehow everyone who is stronger than him and more experienced in fights than him will follow his lead “because he is a trickster” Then he looses to teammate because he got tricked Why? because he has no experience With Trickery… But still let’s all follow his lead. ———— Concepts pretty good, once you look past the above, I’m sticking to it as I don’t have anything else to read, but It’s on the edge of being unbearable.


God of Tricksters


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Look how quite it is when someone’s backing up their opinion with cold hard facts.


CrossCounty:Look how quite it is when someone’s backing up their opinion with cold hard facts.