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I will write my liking and disliking part of this novel below: LIKE: i) MC's power is cool and all know who the author is trying to mimic from and I believe everybody will like his powers. ii) Side characters are very cunning and feels real and they have some good character development. iii) Story is great. iv) MC is ruthless when it is necessary. DISLIKE: i) I feel like despite all his powers main character does not seem OP enough. It would have fine if it were any other novel but since main character's power and character is based on we all know whom it feels like he struggles too much ii) The side characters are little too cunning it feels like everybody of his age has an IQ of 200. It would have been batter if they were little less intelligent. iii) The whole point of creating his joker identity feels little pointless since everybody knows that he is Joker and he showed all his power in the competition. iv) I did not liked the fact that nothing happened to Laust despite the fact that he tried to kill MC. Anyway this is a very good novel. You should at least give it a try first. Keep up the good work author.


God of Tricksters


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I had a hunch nothing would happen to laust when he was shown to have an abusive upbringing, I'm done reading stories where the ppl that mc shud kill are not cause it's 'not their fault'.


Even the monsters are smart


What would be the power of the protagonist?