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Does anyone know of other stories similar to these? Preferably not Chinese, not Korean... a native English or Spanish author. Namely; Mc reborn as a prince or son of an entrepreneur, travel to the past, building a kingdom or company... I've read stories like 'unleash the witch', 'I have a mansion in a post-apocalyptic world'. The problem is that they are stories with Chinese authors and it was unpleasant not to understand many phrases, actions of mc and internal monologue, because their way of being is almost alien... different cultures.


The Path to Mediterranean Supremacy/Bulgarian Empire (by New Sea Moon)


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Tyranny of Steel is a good one. A military constructor dies in the middle east just before the retreat of the army, gets reincarnated as a son of noble in 14 to 15 hundreds Germany. Just from the title, you'll know the gist of it. Technology, kingdom building. It's one of the best kingdom building novel I'm reading. It has harem, but it also delves after the romance part, it tackles relationship between wives, raising children and stuff. From all the actions in this story, that little aspect made this novels previous impression have much more impact. Also, Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece. It's a Chinese translated novel but it doesn't really affect it that much. There are Good TL groups that translated this to a top notch quality. The only Chinese references that you'll get from the top of my head would be at the first few chapters where there are food dishes with Chinese name that the mc recreated. Then it will seldom happen. The first arc would be to escape the enemy empire with his mercenary group and mc asserting Dominance in the group, after that, it would be kingdom building time. MC is just a history geek so he don't know how to make guns or something to rule the world, he just knows simple medieval ancient technology that can bring some advantage to his empire. So probably no flying airplanes and tanks.