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I read the other novel which I pretty like and glad this is not about amnesia again. Overall this novel is light but quiet slow in the plot development you can skip few chapters and won't missed a lot. Notice there are 2 FL but seemed there is no justice for Yuina in the sense the story about her is mostly half to one chapter whereas the Himari can take few chapters. I like Yuina's story better and hope she too leave her husband that take her love for granted. All in all, I quiet enjoy and happy there is a novel that is pretty polite in penning the romance.


As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me


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I noticed that the plot is slow at the beginning, maybe because I'm trying to introduce the characters 🤧 Please leave me comments whenever you feel it because they would certainly help me to improve the story About Yuina's story, I can't deny it. I wanna write more about her but, there's not a lot ideas coming from me especially her story is quite a hard one. But, I'd regret it if I didn't introduce her character as well 😓 I'm sorry for the lack of judgement. I just hope I could at least give her justice for the rest of her journey in the book