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Story is great, character growth is great, world building is great, etc. I don't think its caught up with it here but with the actual current chapters, I do like to point out that its disappointing that he took so much chapters in the Dark World and Blood World. I cant speak for other readers but for me, the blood arc with the blood god clone seems too long. People came here for something that he may be able to use in public. Except for his recovery an some factors, most of his gains in the blood world with all those "blood" skills, moves, body constitution, etc. would be completely useless if he fights in public. In those chapters from 1700 - 2000 he could have transitioned quickly to a higher level but and went back quickly. I see no point of him staying too long in the blood world in the long run.


Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Don't Enter The Jianghu

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