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This is a book like people will hardly find in this site, however, it has its flaws, a lot of them. First of all I applaud originality but I wasn’t able to read past the first two chapters, the way I see it, it’s a philosophical book In which the author lay down his beliefs, however, the manner in which this is done is rather abrupt, characters although strong, don’t have any background to substain that strength. One of the characters is seen berating an English teacher in an assignature that’s purely grammatical and hence shouldn’t have any philosophical junction, whether those are his internal beliefs or not, an English teacher is not the best person to berate for those assumptions, which leads me to believe that rather than strong the character is arrogant and subversive. Although I’d like to give this more points due to the originality it holds and the themes it tackles, I can’t as its simply too confusing and difficult to read, hold a continuity and place the pieces together. The author moved from first person to third person in the same scene multiple times, inconsistent and bewildering. Supposing this is a summary of the entire art, even more so. A book like this needs to be greatly polished and I personally don’t think that it’s going to be popular in a site filled with nigh-illiterate readers incapable of accurately judging this type of art that’s not just about the background of a character or the building of the world but also the accuracy behind the beliefs and arguments shared, the quality of the metaphors, so on and so forth. If the approach is changed and rather than impose your beliefs, they’re shared through the delivery of an interesting story filled with themes of depression and aspirations, that’s another story. Best Regards.


Morphing Iniquity

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