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You are a prolific writer by the way you story build and express your characters. You write with detail and description. Pros: I know that Axel will be a vital protagonist in this novel. Just by stating that he is an alpha, it shows that he is powerful and well-known. I like his leader ship skills and the narration. He seems pretty powerful but also slides in a bit of hidden humor and honesty. I am also interested in the feud between werewolves and vampires. It was cool to see this novel start in media res as Silvar was killed. Cons: like every young writer including myself there comes a time where we bump into a few grammar and spelling errors. And in both your synopsis and first few chapters there is a bit of those errors which can be fixed by simple re-reading. I am also confused by Selena's character. She randomly was introduced in the synopsis and then abruptly shows up in chapter 1. A quick intro on who she was would help. I give this criticism specifically to be constructive and helpful. We are all young writers who need specific criticisms. This is a well written novel and I commend your writing ability and your world building. I can't wait to


Mated To A Vampire


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