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hi this book had been re edited.. last time is in very details. no suddenly jump or cut halfway.. i see a lot comment asking why no detail on why FL aversion to touch.. in fact she encounter an episod during her kidnap time. since then she has been like this. but i hope the QA can be edited out faster cos this person is very annoying making people feel irritated to read on.. This will only seem like to promote the antagonist as all can see QA charater keep on continuing despite how many times she provokes the FL. This will go on till the birth of both FL n QA.. Their child will entangle as well if follow previous. but dun worry cos the sweet bun is in fact the child of FL n ML.. Just a lot of drama happen n in between the three of them is suffering in the hands of the wicked ones. Resulting no one knows of this until the later part..


Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Brother Ling

Liked it!

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