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It's a pretty good story, it's more character driven than plot driven, even though there is a ton of plot points. The characters are what make it worth a look. The world itself is unintentionally ridiculous. There is like no sense of distances and speeds, and powers, everyone can destroy entiree cities and countries, pretty early on. The author has no sense of scale one or two instances during a battle would circumnavigate the earth but they seem to be fighting within a forest on earth. He uses hundreds of thousands of feet as a scale a lot, just say 20 miles. The biggest issue I have is he makes no effort ro research science while implementing his fantasy pseudo science. For example he uses gravity a lot in this novel, like every battle, every challenge, but he never took 3 seconds to google how gravity works, to work it in the story. It's always some force pushing down on the character that he has to fight and lift up over his head. He uses his body to protect others and important objects from the force of gravity pushing down on them from above. It's weird and immersion breaking. There are a lot of other examples where he is really weird about his "science" and I get it it's fantasy but he has like a couple of tools in his box they are based on some easily solved misunderstandings and he uses them a lot.


The Bloodline System


Liked it!


How about you make your research before writing a review? Calculations were made before mentioning thousands of feet, so I am well aware that I could use miles but choose to keep using feet instead due to consistency. If you read properly, you will notice I have mentioned miles a couple of times and still changed those number of miles mentioned to feet to remain consistent with one type of distance measurement. When characters battle and it covers miles, it is properly calculated due to the fact that the circumference of Earth is 24,000 miles. Battles covering a 20 - a 100 miles circumference doesn't mean it's covering the entire earth, so how about you do research properly before spouting crap. Gravity pretty much pulls an object to the centre of a planet's body or other surfaces. Making use of it in this story a couple of times is very accurate. The force of gravity is increased and makes objects or persons bear heavy pressure since the gravitational force is amplified, unlike Earth's usual gravitational force. As I said, you're the one who needs to do proper research before typing a review.

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