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Short Review up to chapter 380. No spoilers. Only this and that!!! MC - cunning/schemer, the lone wolf, only has limited friendship/ally, not arrogant, student, hard worker. Story- It's my first time reading a novel like this. Aliens + earth humans are an ally/group/family for centuries. Earth is not weak. Sci-Fi. Evolved earth monsters and invaders. The novel, keeps the reader wanting to know more about the world and powerhouses. System: having read tonnes of novels with the system I have developed a phobia towards this genre. But this novel is different and I like it. System/AI/ living conscious is like a person. Initially, it was monotonous but later it evolves and it has its agenda. The system wants the MC to grow up and help it. Overall-9/10 is so far so good. I don't like other people judging/ underestimating MC in the initial chapters but later it reduces. Man! I hate the word trash ♻️. Most Authors keep using it in their novels


The Bloodline System


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