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This novel had a lot of potential, but choosing the last option every time isn't really the best choice. The novel became boring and repetitive after just a few chapters, and on top of that, it lacks any romance – it's just a simple robot. If he can't have a public girlfriend, what's the problem with having a private one? It's as if anything he does besides staying quiet will result in his death, all because of a bad experience from the first choice – it's a terrible plot. I'm on chapter 126 as I write this.

I Just Won't Play By The Book

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it's more than just because of a bad experience. it gets explained more as the story goes on. it's a very refreshing and enjoyable novel, afterall the majority of cultivation novels have the mc get nearly killed and barely live yet reap massive rewards. the whole idea of the story is poking fun at the cliché situations he avoids.but if you haven't read many cultivation novels i can understand it wouldn't be as interesting.