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I rated the writing quality a 3 because evidently this was originally in Tagalong and translated into English. I don't know Tagalog. I'm not sure about the quality in that language, but it's obvious that a non-native English speaker translated this work. It needs a LOT of editing and proofreading. It's difficult to understand in parts. The TLer went for direct translations in quite a few places because there is a lot of Engrish and misused pronouns ('he' where 'she' should be used, their/there/they're mistakes, your/you're mistakes, etc). The story, however, is quite good. If you can overlook the Engrish and the sometimes-hard-to-understand sentences, I recommend this book to you. Also, when they say it's R-18, they're not lying. this book is pretty much ****-with-plot. A decent plot at that, though. Please, Mr. or Ms. Translator, get a native English speaker to proofread this. Otherwise, it's really good.


The Ressurection of Lilith


Liked it!

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