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I commend the writer for creating such a great piece of work. The synopsis completely hooked to me and urged me to start the first chapter. The summary is similar to some thing that I've watched on Netflix; it is like a horror movie in the making. I love suspense and thrill. The writing is seamless and professional; I love your narration from the beginning and the fact that you introduce a lot of characters but not in a confusing way. Bisi seems like a mysterious character herself and I cannot wait to learn more about our protagonists. Zaynab is interesting and I like the friendship between Zay and Bisi. Lukon is possibly the love interest but with that possibly comes darkness and secrets. I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to his siblings: Kunbi and Shumbunmi. Great names by the way. I am savinf this story! I cant wait for updates!




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