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Can we talk about how fucking disgusting this novel is? First off, the ML straight up kidnaps, r@pes, and abuses the FL. I am sorry how the hell is this on webnovel??? Should i even be surprised?? I read the raws to this back when the eng translation was first gettung publish and i remember being so disgusted with this stupud fucking novel hoping it was some sort of sick joke but it wasn't. Don't waste your time on this, other than the triggering topics, the plot is terrible, and all of the ML acfions are just justified because of a disorder???? I am sorry that is straight disrespectful and rude. Disorders shouldn't be used as something to enble unjustified and cruel actions. Just.... I guess im dissapointed in humanity as well as the people who decided this pile of dogshit was a good idea???? Like who writes this kind of thing and is like: ok this is decent enoigh to publish. Not to mention that it got popular enough for a drama adaption and to be featured on webnovel?????

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