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Drawing quality is OK, but the ML is an abusive psycho. Who votes for this novel? R@pe is r@pe, and it's happening from one chapter to another. ML being paranoid or mentally unstable is not an excuse. Hey, but he is handsome and rich, so it's fine. Nope. NOT FINE! FL is like: I will leave him because he pushed me from a moving car, but then he took me to a hospital and beat up a doctor because doctor touched my swollen ankle, so ML cares about me. No, girl. He doesn't care about anyone other than himself. RUN! And then she falls for him? Stockholm syndrome.

My Paranoid Lover


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I’m still in the early chapters so the most important to me is does the child even exist and if the child exists did they find the child or are they to busy with their love/hate relationship and forgotten the main reason they reunited after a 3 yrs one night stand


I hope he gets hit by a car or a aeroplane or gets poisoned by somebody who hates him because i don't trust fl to do it