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This is a novel that's actually deserving of its high score. Its got a bit of everything for everyone. If you're into stats and following the numbers the early chapters are a stat junkies wet dream. And yes there's a few mistakes here and there that's quickly cleared up unlike a lot of authors who are 900 chapters in and still screwing up their numbers. Also the big bonus is how very responsive the author is to commentary and that's a big plus for me. If you're just a casual like me who considers the character stats in passing and can make it through the early chapters, like seriously there's a lot of stats early on? I'm sure there is enough of a great quality story that you'll enjoy or my assumption is that the author left enough of a tease in each chapter that kept me thinking what's happening next. Unfortunately I've reached the current updated chapter 67 and I'm having WTF-ism issues thinking can't I just have the next chapter now? Anyway I really like this novel


Earth's Alpha Prime


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