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I only read up to chapter 9: I know this may be pretty common but it is a little tiring to read a story yet again about a guy that somehow is passionately in love with someone but somehow continuously (unconsciously/consciously) creates misunderstandings between the female lead. Yet again it is not difficult to wonder why the female lead disliked the male lead ( not including the the manipulation from others ) because he never really explains his actions and she really just fills in the blanks herself ( in the past and some moment in the present ) She is now fully in love with the male lead In the present from the beginning but from completely hating his guts to love is such a stretch even if he saved her in the past. Admiration or gratitude maybe more realistic emotions in my opinion. they do give some hint that someone she always cared but still not the best character development i guess. I think so far its not bad but not something i will continue to read. Hopefully for those who continue it gets better.


Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

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i understand where you're coming from. read so many stories like this one. Like I wonder if the ML ever experienced this kind of FL then gets a rebirth will he go back to her after everything that happened in their previous life or fall in love with someone else