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you know ,ive just finish reading the mtl of this novel ,its very good ,i only hate one thing from this novel: the fact that the author abruptly end the novel at chp 761 when the mc literally have just reach quasi sage cultivation rank . in my estimates ,at that point of the novel have reach about 75-85% of the whole story !!!! a lot of problems and lose ends have not been tied and IM RAGING RIGHT NOW!!!!!! petition for the author to at least finish the lose ends of his family in real life and the problem about the real world heaven you give us suddenly in just a dozen or two chapters before the novel ending .


Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court

Bewitching Hua Wuque

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u doesn't know how BIG my dissapointment was . the author just give up on the novel when its getting into the good parts .you know in the mc real world a new major problem just emerge like 20 chp before the end because of the world heaven court and then 20 chp later the novel abruptly ends with mc meets sun wukong , then cultivates for millions of years to become quasi sage . you know ,ive watch him live to the 19th generation of reincarnation in game , more than 10 world he visits , have a dragon wife and 2 children , have a niece and a nephew from his brother in real life , have seen him deal countless catastrophe and problems , see the lives and death those around him ,and have many disciples and solve their problems after his death many years after . honestly a god damn good novel . the author said that he ran out of creative juice for this novel . he honestly tell us that he want to end the novel when mc reunites with his wife after his death in the 18th live .honestly i wont be as mad if he truly ends the novel at that point in time(it just means we doesn't know what happen to mc and his siblings in real life after but at least there no big problems in real life at that point in time). if u want to read this novel (which i recommend),i suggest u read till mc reunites with his wife , at that point at most u will be a bit sad and not raging like me