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I'm once again sad that a great novel with potential didn't get picked but instead got dropped from the choices for next transaction. This book has an amazing story about 2 brother and 1 sister with no talent whats so ever and the eldest brother who got isekai did what he could to get revenge for his farthers murder. Now if you need me im just gonna go in a corner and cry again.


Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court

Bewitching Hua Wuque

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you know ,ive just finish reading the mtl of this novel ,its very good ,i only hate one thing from this novel: the fact that the author abruptly end the novel at chp 761 when the mc literally have just reach quasi sage cultivation rank . in my estimates ,at that point of the novel have reach about 75-85% of the whole story !!!! a lot of problems and lose ends have not been tied and IM RAGING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!