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os trahs the guy never questions things or experiments with what he has he also just uses everything because he can he can do so much more. he never checked the rate of time change between the real world and rhe game world, yet he just directly jumps into it for days (in game time) without worry or care. he also does not try to see the effects of the items on his brother or sister his brother badly needs it but the guy with trash aptitude decides he must get to cultivating. its sloppy all over i like how the setting started but its just incomplete and not well thought out.

Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court

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Dont be a hater.


While I think you have some merit in some of the complaints I think you were a little harsh on the novel. The mcs logic is already leagues beyond other novels. For why he didnt test and experiment more with the game, he didn't get the opportunity to as he died after the very first day due to time change that he was unaware of. He is also very limited in what he can do by the amount of pills and experience levels available to him. As for why he did not share it, is because of the risk of the truth sect finding it for his brother. and also his sister is too young, and the mc is teaching her how to read and write before cultivating. AT least That's my two sense on the reasoning behind the mcs actions.