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Read the summary, expected a disappointment and was surprised to get a worthwhile story. The gaming ring is actually not the most OP thing the MC optains in the first few chapters, but I won't spoil. The characters of the MCs brother and sister are alright, not really important but still nice to have. The rest of the people are generic so far. It is a classic Cultivation novel with a few twists which keep it interesting. Not much is known about the world and the game world has more interesting characters which is kind of a shame, but the author is not really talented at writing action scenes which rarely happen in this kind of novel. Give it a try


Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court

Bewitching Hua Wuque

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Same, same, it's not really a game world but feels more like a real world(Which i suspect it is) From the synopsis i expected a MC to be transmigrated to the future where they developed some VR nonsense, but what i got was a MC going to a real cultivation world from what i assume was the future world mentioned in the synopsis, he brought the device that let's him enter the "game" world into his new world.