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I have read up to 7 chapters and now I am stopping, because I am losing interest to further read it. What i liked: - I find the going out to space interesting - I like the beginning where it starts with the MC's everyday life What i don't like: - Snail-like progress. Up to chapter 7, only one day has passed in story time(30 days have to pass so the MC goes finally into space) - Too much irrelevant information which, for me, is everything that has no direct relevance to the mc and current or near events of the plot. It is distracting and destroys the reading flow. Example: In chapter 5 the author wrote a whole paragraph about citizens always nit-picking at the government. Then the MC observes complaining people while queueing. That's it. What is the point of this paragraph? I see no relevance for the plot, MC or me, the reader. While some of that information is world building information, I consider that irrelevant because it has no direct relationship with the MC like he interacts with it or sees it while doing his tasks. And it is uninteresting for the reader knowing that all that information is useless once they go to space. Quite frankly, it feels like infodumping, just not in one go but in bits.


Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space

Final Eternality

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