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Pretty cool. Though I don't agree with all social ideas in the book, it is interesting and well argued. 🧐 I think this was written by someone with someone with nice Mathematics chops though the translator isn't really up to the task (not really fatal, since for most readers the math talk is just flavor text to jump over... and for those of us who know what's up, we should be able to "correct" the translation anyway). For now the novel give a "slice of life in academia" vibe, which is quite nice compared to most other novels on the site. 🎓 I fear this won't be chosen though, since it's SciFi (real deal, not just "somewhere in the future") and a bit of a slow burn🔥 (I'm enjoying it but from some review, this is a turn off for some readers). Well, let it be said that I believe this one has long term potential. Another review by a MTL reader is reinforcing this impression to me. Let it be chosen!!! (crossing my fingers) ❤🚀


Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space

Final Eternality

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