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Honest review here! I actually enjoyed reading it ehehehhe~ Well first, the writing is amazing, it's smooth and easy to follow :3 I like to imagine the scene happening as I read hueheheh For update stability, full stars since I know writing needs a lot of effort, and it's not that easy to always update everyday eheheh And about story, although some might complain that the pacing is slow, but well in my opinion, the daily life adds extra layers to the character. Like we can learn how they think and act that way, which I like. And even though it's not jam-packed with actions and what-not, we can still clearly see where the plot is going, so i kinda like it still :3 For characters though, not much to say from meee, because I personally care more about the personality and how they act, compared to how they look. That being said, even though I prefer the side characters more because the MC is ahem, maybe spoiler-ish idk, pretty perverted. That's only my opinion, but in a way, that's good because it's more humane to have flaws, and flaws are characteristics, too. I look forward to seeing more flaws since right now he's being portrayed as a genius hard-worker who got the highest score and a good sum of money and a deep-thinker, while his flaw right now is just... Perversion? The thing that kinda made me wonder, though, is that sometimes the MC acts weird, but that's probably going to be explained later. Like how he was sooo desperate to chase after the thief because that game was extremely important to him, but then stopped to listen to the thief's story. I mean, sometimes people do that, but when you're at a risk of getting something extremely important to you, i think most people would just leave rather than risk getting sneak attacked or ambushed by the thief's friends, idk? Prolly I'm just being picky ahahaha-- World background is pretty okay, it's a virtual reality game and it's exciting, but I think I still need to read more to fully understand it ehehehe since I haven't read too much, and so far I think it's just like, well, a VR game :3 Great work, author~


Conquest Carnival: Two Worlds Collide


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