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I'm sorry but I just can't take it anymore this novel is a cluster f**k of ideas a d sub plots that NEVER go anywhere. the author literally tries to give the MC everything like everything on top of everything and just when you think oh kool is gonna be OP nope he gets his ass kicked and dragged into a bunch of crap honestly I don't even think this a story about the MC I think he just gets dragged around and into crap over and over and over again half it just doesn't even make sense. it's pretty pathetic. this novel has potential but it lacks focus.


The Dawn of the New World


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I agree this novel is just a big bundle of bullshit. MC has op powers and op everything, and everyone who loves "individuality" should avoid reading this. Everything he has is like given to him, he is always being manipulated. His "Soul Severing Heavenly Physique" isn't actually his bot from previous owner that enslave god kings with it, so he is just a carrier to awaken the his Severing Eyes so that "Mr. Hyde" which is the previous owner of the eyes can take over his life and start his conquest again. β€’ One more thing to take note why not to read this story is the whole life of the mc and his adventures are influenced and being manipulated by other, they tone down his powers so he could be vulnerable and always rely on them. For example, he has 7.8 soul power and when he was in the origin realm he got charmed and influenced by the illusion pf the same level, you know how fuck it is right, a spirit stage level 4 cultivator have soul power equal to 1 and those of the origin realm literally has barely 1 soul power, which is bullshit. β€’ Another one reason is that, his immortal demon devouring physique literally has no use aside from drinking blood to recover, right now he even need to use nano-boots he ask his friends to invent for him just so he could recover fast while fighting, it is literally becoming more useless every chapter progresses, he doesn't make use mich of his abilities. β€’ Last one, lack of integrity and narrative of the story. He literally absorbed the lifetime memories of a scientist god and he brags about being the most knowledgeable person on the planet and then out of nowhere he just ask questions, what is that, why did that. happen and such. He even need to ask the A.I that was created by the same god he got the memories from, they have the same database and knowledge. I can't believe im reading such an inconsistent novel, all info is just thrown everywhere. His cultivation at the start goes pretty fast and he gets strong but starting from the spirit realm, at about 400 chapters (I know there is so many fillers and barely cultivation). Hos cultivation started to stagnate and from 500th to the 1160th chapters, there is only fight adventure and stuff, he barely does any cultivation, just some bullshit lifestyle no one wanted, like don't read this if you don't wanna go on chapters with slice of life adventure and wits, devious tricks, treachery, bullshit and stuff, then stop reading this. I say you could barely see any improvement in his cultivation because its not even written in the title, you could skim through it but will eventually skip it. It was written there that he was expected to breakthrough the profound realm at twenty but he is barely on spirit realm stage 4, and he spend another 5 years just to reach the peak of the spirit realm one step away from the profound realm. This was even discussed by his manipulators of how he progresses and how he was given everything but his cultivation is still stagnating.


So basically is the MC considered as OP or not?


The technical term for this is Lack of Agency.


if you really read the story, it explains things that were obviously intentionally left unexplained in the boning to reveal a bigger picture later. I thing this actually shows the author has a great imagination and is able to think ahead and not risk through events and circumstances, giving the reader a build up of emotions, disappointments and expectations before allowing a unexpected and satisfying climax to later in the plot instead of a rushed and mediocre telling of a story just like millions already told. just my opinion as an avid reader. 😁