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God what a boring novel, you will only read it if you are bored ..... let's start with the protagonist: he feels too robotic and his reactions are boring, he has no charisma, moreover I think it would serve more as a secondary character ..... friendships: his meeting with dai was rubbish, the love interest that the author put in is super cliché .... the rivalry of the protagonist ... who would say you reminded me of a young master of Chinese novels, except that he is calmer ..... the power of the protagonist, Diosss that disgusts ..... has a system not long ago is more I think it is limiting its power ... how is it possible that it can only open 2 doors with 3 years of training if Lee opened them in 1 year ... in fact Lee had nothing, on the other hand the MC has skills that recover it even a little ... his chakra has not increased since he started training ... his detection ability is more pathetic of the world .... their interactions have no substance is boring that I wanted to leave the fanfic more than 20 times ..... the author does not want to get into my plot, what I hate the most .... why the hell are you going to go to a fantasy world if you go see how the world happens in the second margin ... the most stupid, i'd rather they make a ****ty novel trying not to follow the plot than a junk novel that just follows the plot ..... i'm just saying that the system is stupid, the MC is stupid and has no substance it looks like a robot, the Relationships are rubbish, it seems that it is written by a person without friends ........ I just hope that it improves and it would be better if you do not continue drawing characters because it will be more difficult later ... itachi 10 years hits him a walk to our protagonist, it is more dl protagonist has the level of sasuke when the series began ... remember that nobody trained sasuke because everyone in his clan died so it is justifiable in power level, but our protagonist GARBAGE ... knows the whole plot, knows more cannon techniques although he does not know how to be, it can be replicated with practice, enter or early on, he has an advantage with his recovery skills, even if it is basic, he recovers faster than the others ... but he is still weak ... Have a good day, your novel would be better without the system, and if you wanted to do one realistic novel you would not have chosen naruto ... that world is too illogical to explain logically and whatever you do is to neerf the MC so as not to ruin the future plot .... see you later I was wrong in a word and I changed it. Have a nice day ... ***


Reincarnation System (Naruto)


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