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It's got good main characters, but I think it suffers too much from the intentional "evil world" design. What I mean is that everyone everywhere are just greedy monsters who strive for power and kill millions of others for shits and giggles. Also most if not all characters somewhat relevant to the story all build their power in some way by using randoms as food for their cultivation. This creates a problem in my opinion since the "MC faction" can't really have greedy power hungry mindless villains as friends, but instead needs to find "unique" people or simply mind-control subordinates. This in turn creates a problem where everyone is mindless and the story predictable except for when the main crew does something smart. Another problem I have is the use of ridiculously excessive numbers such as billions, trillions etc. They are numbers too big for a human mind to even understand the implications of. It's common to use in Xianxia for some reason, but I find it annoying to read as the implication of "billion" becomes a "trivial" thing to the story, making it seem not special whatsoever. Using 10 thousand instead would be a number one could picture in their head and still seem very impressive. "Slaughtering a trillion people in an instant" > ...Uhh okay? "Slaughtering a city of 10 thousand people in just a few hours" > You pretty much see the bloodbath taking place. The story isn't bad though, and DPs writing quality is good, as it was in his other works.


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