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The story is great and all that along with the concept of it. The progress of the characters seems fine for me but the only that's a minus for me is that, I don't know it this is just me but I usually get confused on which world they are in. It would've been more helpful if you could stick to one world first before going to the next and not going back and forth. A not so much minus for me is the DXD section. I don't understand the point of adding that section since it doesn't that much excitement for me you know. It would've been more helpful if there we're parts where the OG characters in DXD like Rias, Issei, Vali, etc. could compare themselves to the MC or the FLs. Making him the successor of the Biblical God destroyed the DXD arc for me.


A Cliché Multiverse story


Liked it!

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