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Overall a rather good novel. Those who sort of knows Chinese myths will already spoil themselves with some plots. MC is the main force moving the plot, and you can consider him involved in everything, willingly or not. Spoiler: MC is Li Chang Geng also known as Taibai Jinxing. The author used a rather not so big character from the Journey to the West as his MC, granted his myth was already there before Journey, but the image was overwritten. MC is overly calculating and extremely cautious, also overprotective. He is suspicious of everything that he didn't expect. If there is one path from A to B, he would plan out 10 paths instead, even adding multiple nodes, heck he might even be digging 10 tunnels that goes from A around to CDEFGHIJ and then backtrack back to A only to use the main path to B. He hides way too deep too. You see his cultivation as an ordinary Qi Refiner, but his true cultivation is actually an Immortal, but wait, his real cultivation is actually Daluo Golden Immortal, but wait, he is actually a Saint, but wait, his real real real cultivation is beyond the realms. Its like that. If you read this after reading Ancestor Minghe you would understand some flow of things but not all. The myths in Minghe is from the time Pangu split the Chaos and until the Heaven Dao is complete. According to the author himself, the story in Senior Bro is placed before and during the Investiture of the Gods and Journey to the West. He groups the two together, which makes sense somewhat considering the characters. The author also claims to be a myth lover. He wrote stories based on western myths in his younger age, and when he started writing on Chinese myths he just got too frustrated with how convoluted and messy the myths were recorded, so he uses them as the base to write his own version.

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