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Ok, now that I've read this entire thing I can guve a proper review. I just want to first make a disclaimer: This book is full of flaws and issues 😭😭😭 Positives: -stability was really nice as i read this -characters are more relatable than most cn novels ive read -it has interesting concepts Negatives: -the fuck is the pacing???? Sometimes it'll be 100 chapters before i get one month and others suddenly 10000 years have past in like 2 -character development is pretty much non-existent for the first 600 probably more chapters -MC does some questionable things 🤨 Overall, it's entertaining but i wouldnt recommend sitting down and just reading it. I was reading it because I had time and it was like 2 chapters a day. I will say, if youre looking for character development this book is not for you. There are also so many plots holes and MC seems like a slight moron but it all gets explained in like the last 100 chapters. This book made me feel brain dead and the ending was left so ambiguous like??? My mans, atleast give me a sidestory. (also if you want pet interactions, it has none dispite the title literally being about a pet store and that's kind of like the entire story)

Astral Pet Store

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