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Gotta be one of my favourites on the site. It's entertaining and is ranked near the top for a reason. First, the writing quality. The grammar and spelling is pretty much flawless. The author explains things concisely and efficiently without too many chunky info dumps that confuse the reader and the fight scenes are described in a way which really allows the reader's imagination to work. The fight choreography is good as well. Second, the story development. Let's start with pacing. It's good, like really good. The story is fast and action-packed when it needs to be and slows down appropriately to accommodate the more information-heavy or character-focused arcs. Next, the various mysteries present. The author does a great job in making us feel like we are discovering the secrets of the world along with Quinn and his friends, with the political relations and vampire relationship with dalki done particularly well imo. Finally, the expansion of the scope of things. The stage the characters act on grows along with their progression in strength and their knowledge of the happenings in the world. This continuous expansion of scope really makes the reader feel as if there is no end to the things we don't know and continuously adds more possibilities for the future of the story, allowing more and more development to be threshed out. Third, we have the character design. I love the characters in this book. Each character brings a new depth to the story and provides a unique and fresh viewpoint and experience of the world around them to the reader. For example, we see through a certain character at the start how some privileged individuals are not even aware of the discrimination faced by those with a low ability levels, in contrast to Quinn, who had experienced that discrimination first hand for all of his life. A lot of novels struggle to make their characters feel 3D and real, but through these unique views and morals, the author of MVS has really done a good job with that. Last but not least, the world background. This novel has got to have my favourite world background of any story on this platform. Starting off simple with the dalki invasion and abilities, MVS constantly expands on the backstory and origins of the world. From the origin of the ability users to the history behind the vampires and the creation of the dalki, everything comes together and links back up so well to forming an expansive and intriguing universe filled with legacy from those long passed. I recommend this to anyone looking for a long and fulfilling read with plenty of action and development.

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