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To be sincere this is going to be a long review and I personally hate doing a review but i will do it because of the low stars I have seen. The first chapters are slow that I will admit but to judge a story based on that is unfair and the mc personality is understandable because he knew he became a vampire but he had to confirm imagine been in his shoes that one day you found out you were a zombie you wouldn't believe he gradually grows up and even then he still has problems like a human being not like a perfect mc I see in many stories he still struggles and people commenting about the puppeteer he becomes one of the best characters in the story. The reason the author hasn't revealed everything like the system and characters is because he is building mystery what fun will a story be if he revealed everything easily it will become bland. So my advice to people finding mc dumb try to think of him like a human being a being full of imperfections but learn from their mistakes and those worried about the system he hasn't become strong so the system can't tell him unless it will slow his growth what he needs right now is to become strong so he can deal with the other problems unless what is the use if he has so many burden but can't concentrate on getting stronger because he is worried. My only problem with the story is that there very few evolution forms between halfling and vampire Lord they could have been vampire baron, viscount, commanders,dukes, generals and those who found this unhelpful sorry for wasting your time this how I saw it I have more to say it is already too long. I almost forgot please if you can see this please can you expand upon earth and changes between continents if there are any thanks

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