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This story was always very good, for a while it was my favorite. But she always had a very annoying problem, every arch has some traitor that is annoying, boring and boring, not even the bad emperors don't have so many traitors, I know there are greedy people, but it's ridiculous to have no end to it. The contracts part is the dumbest, if the contract can see traitors but he always only checks after shit and someone cheats, every time and that, he cares so much about making contracts every time but you don't check them, oh when something goes wrong he'll check to see if there's any left that's too stupid. He has a super AI that he's supposed to check his contracts every day, what's the point of always making contracts if they don't get checked? and the same thing always happens to traitors. The second problem is women , but it seems that the author has realized his mistake in this part and wants to solve it a little. MC takes women as if they were pokemon but they don't appear anymore they look like they were abandoned, I don't want them to appear sometimes for a cane +18 and then disappear. most of the women had a good story but were thrown aside, and the first wife was incredible but we hardly ever see it, there can be the excuse that they don't show up because when he leaves they stay to take care of the empire, but even with them taking care of from the empire appears the traitors every time. It started to get exaggerated when he took the mother who had a daughter I thought it was very sudden out of nowhere, but it was still good because she had an interesting story and the daughter was cute but she also disappeared, another one for the list, but what disappointed me was him taking the elf who was his subordinate's wife that was ridiculous. I can only say that I am sad with the direction of the novel, it was very good, it was my favorite for a long time, I hope it gets better. sorry if something is spelled wrong I used google translator



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