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This is not a review! Lemme say this... can we normalise people giving actual reviews? Instead of useless emojis that tells us nothing about the story? Is the ml trash or rad? Fl cute or puke? Father dumb or scum? Sister bitch or rich? Pls normalise telling what the story is about in the reviews... ur useless emojis benefit no one. Now that I’ve said that lemme review it as I read~(Scroll if u don’t want spoilers) 1 chp... up to a good start, usual scum fiancé, father is dead,... seems that the ml has shown up? And he looks hot of course. And also city’s wealthiest mo shen... assistant shocked to see boss smile 2 chp... disgusting cousin... goddamn why is it always the step sis, bsf or cousin? Of course uncle is a piece of- auntie is a sonuva- seems only her cousin brother is kinda decent 3 chp.... she got married woohooo! Sike... flash marriage. I wanna see love marriages instead of flash marriages, it takes away from how special marriage is. The fact she married a stranger, like I get the reason but cmon marrying a stranger... so fast? It’s too much... I felt like dropping it there and then 4 chp... she blushed... yipee😒 5 chp... disgusting classmates... it makes me wonder if there r classmates like this in some schools irl😟 fast forward 17 chp... she got kissed by a rando😒 it’s getting rly boring... I wish some people actually wrote actual reviews so I wouldn’t have read that.. I’m dropping finish... I’d rather watch a cow escape a pit than read this. Goodbye


Meeting You Is My Simple Happiness

Wan Douwei

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thank you I'm tired of only seeing emojis when I want a proper review to know if I should read the book or not


haha...too funny...totally agree those emojis are soooo annoying


true, some people just wanna be first so their review tell you nothing.


Does anybody know some good flash marriage novels??? [img=recommend]