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It’s one of these novels again. I dropped it early on so my review might seem redundant, but... Qidian... please do not pick up this novel. It’s a repeat of all the other novels that share these tropes and cliches with nothing akin to unique. Although I did enjoy some parts, that was merely because it was copy paste rhetorical comedy concepts that would make anyone laugh. It’s also a shame the title is a bit misleading as I was expecting something similar to Lin Ran, but as far as I read there seemed to be only one plot device: fighting notorious thugs and villains to save beautiful women. The story has regressed in terms of quality over 20 chapters (I mean seriously, how is this possible) and the beginning was saturated to begin with. This novel is as if Genius Daddy in the City and The Mightiest Little Peasant had a baby.


The Young Urban Doctor

Xian Qing

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